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Youha The ONE Double Pump

Price: $830.00 $750.00
Brand:  Youha 優合
Product Code:  The ONE
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YOUHA 優合 The ONE 奶泵

**香港行貨 一年保養 (非人為損壞)** 1 year warranty

**提供即日維修服務** immediate maintenance service provided


The ONE pump set included::

  • The ONE touch screen breast pump x 1
  • 24mm removable breastshield x 2 sets
  • 27mm removable breastshield x 2 sets
  • Soft massage cushion for 24mm breastshield, make it as 21mm x 1 pair
  • Double (Y-shape) Tubing x1
  • Single Tubing x1
  • PPSU bottle with nipples & lids x 2
  • Charger x 1
  • Ice pack and cooler bag x1
  • Simplicity Hands Free Bra Kit x1 (Limited offer, offer valid while stocks last)

優合The ONE吸力柔軟有力
可作單泵/雙泵使用 Can use as Single or Double Pump

具有五種模式:: 按摩/ 吸乳/ 深度 / 混合 / 個人
Five modes:: massage/ simulation/ deep expression / mix / personal setting

混合模式:: 在深度模式時,再長按“更換模式”鍵,便會同時出現按摩與深度模式,L1 時6次按摩 1次深度模式,Level 越高,按摩次數越少
Mix mode:: press “mode change” button during simulation mode, it will show massage and deep expression at the same time. In L1, 6 times massage and 1 time deep expression, the higher the level, the less massage time

個人模式:: 6級吸力,20級節奏,根據個人需要,自行選擇
Personal setting on suction & cycles:: 6 suction levels, 20 rhythm choices, you can set your own suction and rhythm cycle


喇叭可配優合Youha, Nuk, Philips Avent, Pigeon 等牌子標準闊口奶樽。

Breastshield can fit to Youha, Nuk, Philips Avent, Pigeon standard wide bottle.
If use narrow bottle, need to add adaptors for Wide Cap to Standard)


主機可配Spectra/Cimilre 喇叭 / Cimilre 真空免提喇叭 / medela喇叭配件使用。(*medela parts用家需額外配connector使用)
YH-8016 pump can be used with Spectra/ Cimilre parts/ Cimilre handsfree kit / medela parts. (*need to add a connector for using medela parts.)


​*喇叭配件尺寸選擇建議 :
需量度乳頭直徑選擇合適的喇叭尺寸: 乳頭直徑(mm)+3mm=喇叭尺寸(mm)
*Suggestion for breast shield size selection:
Measure the diameter of nipple to choose the suitable breast shield size: Diameter of nipple (mm) +3mm = breast shield size



  • 雙酚A (BPA)
  • 重金屬 (Heavy metal)
  • 氣味和味道 ( odour & tasted test)及
  • 全面遷移 (overall migration)


免費送貨:: 工商廈 / 順豐自提點 / 宅急便到住宅
Free Delivery:: industrial / commercial/ SF Station/ SF locker / Ta Q Bin to residential


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