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Youha Collection Cup (24mm/ 28mm)

Price: $330.00 $300.00
Brand:  Youha 優合
Product Code:  CUP24/ CUP28
Availability:  In Stock

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YOUHA 優合 Collection Cup 免提收集母乳容器


  • 8oz 收集杯2個
  • 喇叭2個 (24mm28mm)
  • 鴨咀4個 (2個備用)
  • 防逆流器2個 (1個備用)
  • 1條Y型喉管

Collection Cup set included:

  • 8oz Collection Cup x2
  • Breastshield (24mm or 28mm) x 2
  • Valve for Cup x4 (2 for spare)
  • Back-flow Protector for Cup x2 (1 for spare)
  • Double (Y-shape) Tubing x1


優合 Collection Cup適用於Youha ,Cimilre, Spectra, Unimom, Philip Avents系列奶泵機。
如使用於Medela Freestyle或 Swing Maxi奶泵機,需額外購買短駁管 ($20/1粒)

Youha Collection Cup can use with Youha ,Cimilre, Spectra, Unimom, Philip Avents electric breastpump.
If use with Medela Fressstyle or Swing Maxi breastpump, tube connector needed to be purchased additionally ($20@)


​*喇叭配件尺寸選擇建議 :
需量度乳頭直徑選擇合適的喇叭尺寸: 乳頭直徑(mm)+3mm=喇叭尺寸(mm)
*Suggestion for breast shield size selection:
Measure the diameter of nipple to choose the suitable breast shield size: Diameter of nipple (mm) +3mm = breast shield size


免費送貨:: 工商廈 / 順豐自提點 / 宅急便到住宅
Free Delivery:: industrial / commercial/ SF Station/ SF locker / Ta Q Bin to residential

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