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iThermo Super Freeze Packs with D2 Cooler Bag [Latest Vidacasa Version]

Price: $419.00 $328.00
Brand:  iThermo
Product Code:  2242
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***超驚喜組合*** 獨家優惠!!! SPECIAL PRICE**


升級版 iThermo!升級版冰袋擁有改進的絕緣層及小細節,更保溫,更持久

Upgraded Version with improved insulation layers inside on the new Cooler Bags, as well as small details on the outside to make the benefits stand out more!!! 

依家只需$328就包iThermo D2 + 4包-10°C Super Freeze Packs, 仲包速遞添!!抵呀!
Only $328 for one iThermo D2 + 4 Packs -10°C Super Freeze Packs (FREE UPGRADE), including delivery!!

Latest Vidacasa Version D2 bag has 1 year warranty!!




iThermo D2 保冷袋 連4包超極冰(-10°C) (黑色) [升級版]

D2 size 加 freeze pack.. 簡直係perfect match***

提提你~~ 新版Vidacasa版iThermo冰袋上面係有白色刺繡Vidacasa字樣!!而且係膠袋包裝架!!
The latest Vidacasa version of iThermo bag has white embrodiery of "Vidacasa" wording on it!! And it is packed in plastic bag!!
The one without white embrodiery and packed in paper box is the old version!!

Upgraded Version with improved insulation layers inside on the new Cooler Bags, as well as small details on the outside to make the benefits stand out more!!!

***Best-choice for Breastfed Mom***



- Vidacasa cooler bags consist of 5 layers of insulation materials to provide outstanding temperature control

- Consistent low temperature can enhance the freshness of food and drinks kept inside

- Passed US FDA food safety test

- Can be used for lunch box storage, carrying snacks, enjoying outdoor picnic and fresh breast milk for babies

- Subzero F10-200 freeze pack can be repeated several times, absolutely environmentally friendly



- Place the subzero F10-200 freeze pack flat within the freezer, wait until turns to frozen sold then put into the cooler bag while use

- Avoid sharp objects pentrate through the freeze pack

- Breast milk must be kept in low temperature storage in order to ensure quality and hygiene before consume by babies, however some mother have to balance both career and family that facing different level of trouble and unable to breastfeeding during working hours

- Vidacasa cooler bag set are able to keep breast milk at low temperature for up to 12 hours, that could help those breastfeeding mother to solve this trouble

- Place the freeze pack flat within the freezer until frozen sold then put into the cooler bag while use, no need to put the insulation bag into the refrigerator

- Vidacasa cooler bag set can maintain at low temperature up to 12 hours that are highly effective in keeping fresh, health and high quality food.

- Vidacasa cooler bag set are widely used for all kinds of food and activities in daily life, including storaging breast milk and baby food, carrying lunch box and travel snacks, enjoying outdoor picnics or even special medical supplies.

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